Affiliate Marketing Funnel – The Ultimate How-to Guide For 2020

In this guide, I'll be explaining how to properly use an affiliate funnel for your marketing efforts as there are quite a few misconceptions about the topic. 

Most will tell you to always build a list.

That's not the case as there are some instances with affiliate marketing that are pointless to build a sales funnel and would actually hurt your ability to earn a commission which is why I'm hoping this post will help you when using affiliate funnels. 

What is an Affiliate Funnel? 

An Affiliate Marketing Funnel is a referred to as a sales funnel when promoting an affiliate offer. 

When creating these types of sales funnels, typically the user is working to build an email list in an effort to sale affiliate products primarily through email marketing followups. 

There's nothing wrong with that method, however sales funnels are not the end all be all method like many would have you believe. 

As a matter of fact, it can actually kill your results when used in some scenarios.

I'm not a "hater" of building email list either as I'm always looking to build my list. 

Think of it like this. 

If you're going to remodel a house, you're not going to bring 1 tool to do everything?

Instead, you're going to have a variety of tools to conduct different parts of the remodel.

The same holds true with sales funnels used with affiliate marketing

Let's start with how these Affiliate Funnels looking at it from a 30,000 foot view. 

When Should I Use Affiliate Funnels? 

For starters, let me explain that I'm a huge fan of building out sales funnels and capturing emails.  Look at this blog - I've got popups, sidebar widgets, and even in content options to capture emails so I can provide you with everything I'm doing. 

But that's not always the best case as I explain in this video. 

Let's put this into a real world example with something that we actually rank for here at

Currently, we're ranking in the top 3 for the term Webinarjam Trial as an affiliate.  (On a side note, it's our favorite live webinar software and the pricing is great) 

But let's suppose, we have someone that does a search for Webinarjam Trial and land on our video or our website. 

What if we put up an optin form to capture their email before we sent them to the Webinarjam sales page? 

At that point, we don't need to put them through a sales funnel because they've already been sold. 

Consider where the user is at in the buying process. 

  1. They know they need a webinar
  2. They know they need a webinar software
  3. They know Webinarjam is an option
  4. They know Webinarjam has a trial 

When you get to this point, it's like shooting fish in a barrell. 

You don't need to sale and instead just give them the damn thing they're looking for and give them even more incentive to buy from you. 

I'm suppose to build an email list though - right?

You can still build an email list but from other types of "how to" type content

In the example above, the traffic is so laser targeted that you don't need a sales funnel. 

Instead, we'll work like hell to capture the email from our retargeting ads. 

In continuing with the example above, assuming someone has landing on our Webinarjam page or watched our Webinarjam video, wouldn't it make sense to followup with an ad that says something like this:

Hey, I saw you were looking at webinar software reviews, I want to invite you to the special training I did that outlines  - How I Built a Million Dollar Webinar from the ground up! 

You'll get my slide deck, followup series - everything. 

Just enter your name and email to get started 

Now, you could do better than that, but you get the idea of the possibilities - we're driving traffic in Google, then retargeting to capture the lead. 

Option # 2 - The Exit Pop

Let's assume the user is browsing your Webinarjam page again and instead of clicking, they hit the back button to bounce?

Now, there's an opportunity to have your popup with exit intent with the same offer I outlined above in the retargeting ad. 

You can use Convertbox or Thrive Leads to pull this off. 

My point in giving you these options is so you can build your list without hurting your potential for selling the product you're promoting. 

How to Make Money With An Affiliate Funnel

So, if you wen through the video above and understand the differences in the intent with your traffic sources and want to build an affiliate marketing sales funnel, then let's do it. 

Since, we discussed the intent of the traffic sources above that you shouldn't use a sales funnel with, let's talk about where you can use these scenarios. 

  • Paid Traffic from Facebook
  • Paid Traffic from Youtube
  • Paid Traffic from Google
  • Popups 
  • Search Rankings for "How to" terms 

Let's use another example. 

We recently published a "How to" article on Launch Jacking

This post is "how to" in nature and designed to target people searching for information on How to do Launch Jacking. 

In the post, we have multiple points with a call to action that goes to our free training webinar for affiliate marketing that you see below: 

See How I Create Big Ticket and Recurring Revenue Using This Turn Key Framework That Anyone Can Follow

That takes you to a landing page where we're selling our own product on how to build an affiliate marketing business. 

(By the way, if you enjoy this post, you're going to really dig the course and I encourage you to watch the webinar to see if it's something that's a fit for you.) 

I could have just as easily promoted an affiliate product with this page and used a sales funnel to capture the lead before taking them to the sales page. 

Again, the reason this works is all in the intent of the user (the one searching). 

What is the best way to build an Affiliate Funnel? 

In order to build out these affiliate funnels, you'll need software. 

I'm so grateful I don't have to use HTML like I did when I first began. 

Now, there's a new tool out every week but we've found there's 2 options that we have used and recommend religiously. 

First, if you're not very familiar with WordPress, then I'd recommend using a software as a service option like Kartra. 

If you understand WordPress and already have an email autoresponder, then consider giving Thrive Themes a go. 

Our Top Picks For Building Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Our # 1 Pick 



Kartra is a complete done for you system that gives you the ability to build email list, create followup email campaigns, VSL's, sales pages, and a landing page builder with built in, done for you campaigns along with being able to sell your own products, services, and set schedules. 

This is a true all in one system that gets our #1 pick.

Our # 2 Pick


Thrive Themes Membership

Thrive Themes is an annual membership that provides Themes, Landing Page Builder, lead capture popups, along with VSL, and sales pages through WordPress. 

While, it's easy to use, (as opposed to Kartra above) you'll need an understand of WordPress plus you'll need a 3rd party email autoresponder to integrate with their API along with a shopping cart if you decide to sell your own products and services. 

Thrive Templates

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Here's what to do next... 

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See How I Create Big Ticket and Recurring Revenue Using This Turn Key Framework That Anyone Can Follow

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