The Hidden Truth Behind Keyword Intent

The Hidden Truth Behind Keyword Intent

It's often glossed over because it's not the sexy, new software that's going to make you wealthy with just a few buttons. 

However, it's critical. 

It's the difference between seeing your project turning a profit vs. sucking the life out of you. 

We're talking about Keyword Intent. 

Let's begin with the biggest advantage you have by turning to Google for paid traffic as well as SEO revolves around the fact you can target the ideal customer at the perfect time.

Where social media ads are disruptive and in order to make the traffic source work, there has to be a bond and a level of trust conveyed in the follow up. 

When someone goes to Google - there's an instant trust and bond in place already just by showing up. 

That's why I'm such a big fan of the SEO space. 

I can figure out where I need to be with my targeting, get my properties whether it's a video or website locked in at the top of the search results. 

Buyer Intent Tutorial

What Is Keyword Intent Anyway?

For years, I ignored this until I saw first hand how important this was with my affiliate commissions. 

I ranked for terms like Creative Real Estate, Real Estate Investing tips, and Mobile Marketing yet I was missing out on terms that would pay more money that were far less competitive. 

See all of those terms had more search volume (which is what I was focused on at the time), yet they lacked buyer intent. 

I sum this up buy describing this with 3 levels of Awareness for your Search Traffic for your searchers including examples of buyer intent.

Level # 1: They’re Interested in the Market but don’t Realize they have a problem (yet)

If we use the digital marketing example, this is someone that’s just realizing that digital marketing is a thing and digging for more info.

Maybe they've been to a seminar or it could be there just researching for a paper or article.

It would result in searches like Digital Marketing tips or Digital Marketing examples.

In other words, it's a very broad search.

Often if we’re planning to enter a new market, these are the type terms we begin researching before we drill down a bit.

While it would be Good to rank for these terms, it's not the best option.

In order to make these work, you need to know your market inside and out, have a proven sales funnel in order to monetize the traffic.

Plus, often these have more search volume and much more competitive. 

Level # 2: They Realize They Have a Problem but don’t know the solution

This stage the person is aware of the market, and know they need something to solve their problem.

Sticking with the digital marketing example, this would be someone aware they need to do a webinar.

That would result in searches like this…

  • how to create a webinar presentation
  • how to host a webinar for free
  • how to create a recorded webinar
  • Webinar for beginners

See how we’re now drilling down a bit.

These include a lot of ‘how to’ terms.

And these would be considered to be the “Better” option. 

These types of terms would require less selling because the end user is already past the discovery phase yet still not our best option.

Level 3 - They Realize They Have a Problem And Know the Solution

This stage is where you’ll make the most money and where you should put your attention.

This searcher knows they have a problem and often even knows the solution.

Searches would be like this…

See how much more targeted these terms are?

When you create content like this, you don’t need to be a super sharp sales person, have the best sales funnel, or know NLP.

Since you're traffic is so targeted, you don't need a lot of search volume either. 

These searches typically also have less competition and are what we would consider to be our top priority.

Like this tutorial?

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