Best Landing Page Builder 2024 (Complete Guide)

Best Landing Page Builder Reviews

If you've been looking for the best landing page software platform to build your business on, then this guide will help you see which will be the best fit for your digital marketing business. 

Inside, we're going to review and rank the top landing page builders on the market. 

We'll be diving into price, offer, functionality, ease of use, as well as their overall reputation online.

You can find the table of contents to the right that will allow you to jump to the appropriate section, or feel free to read through the entire review. 

In addition, you'll see which landing page builders utilize the WordPress platform vs a SAAS approach.

I'll begin with our # 1 Choice and if you want to jump ahead, you can skip using the Table of Contents you see below. 

Our Top Rated Landing Page Software In Order

#1 Kartra

Kartra is the leading Landing Page builder in this review because it does so much more than just build landing pages. 

You can literally run everything you need from this one tool alone (outside of your SEO). It really is an all in one campaign builder.

If you're brand new to internet marketing and looking to get started, this is the tool to get started with. 

Once you join, you'll be able to... 

  • Build Landing Pages with ease so you can capture subscribers
  • Create Sales Letters with Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Create full blow campaigns with upsell pages, email autoresponders, and more.
  • Sell your own products using the built in Shopping Cart
  • Create a membership portal for all of your customers
  • Have a built in support desk

All in all, Kartra replaces countless other tools and you'd be money ahead instead of having to piece multiple 3rd party products together. 

Plus as you can see below, Kartra has built in campaigns you can deploy in a matter of minutes as well as landing page templates depending on you're overall sales approach.

As if that wasn't enough, Kartra has a strong offer with their 30 Day Trial. 

Now, with this trial, you'll have to take an extra step but will double it from the traditional 14 days to a full 30 day.  You can read more about that here.

#2 Thrive Themes Suite

Thrive Themes is our # 2 rated landing page builder. 

We love this landing page software because it's all built on the popular WordPress platform allowing you to build all of the following:

  • Landing Pages
  • Video Sales Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Member Styled Learning Pages
  •  Webinar Registration Pages
  • Webinar Replay pages
  • Countdown timed pages
  • All working in conjunction with your existing theme

This option is more affordable however you'll still need to integrate 3rd party apps like your Merchant account, Autoresponder, Webinar software, scheduling apps, and support desk. 

For our own business, it made sense considering we had all of these other applications already setup, as well as a working knowledge of WordPress, and all we needed was a landing page - sales page component. 

Inside the Thrive Themes Suite is a collection of plugins that make all of this happen. 

Most of what you'll use are the Thrive Architect Builder and Thrive Leads.

Inside you'll also get access to the Thrive Themes Theme Builder however you can use Thrive Architect or Thrive Leads with your existing theme

You'll see some examples of the pages we've built inside Thrive. 

Thrive Templates


  • Built on the popular WordPress Platform
  • Drag and Drop editor makes building any page super simple
  • Thrive Leads allows you to create customizable optin options that are easily embedded into any post or page with advanced targeting and simple API integration.  
  • Great Support team with quick response. 
  • Continuous Updates
  • Easily create Page Templates that can be duplicated in seconds inside the Thrive Architect Builder
  • Large collection of templates for any business


  • Is not an all in one solution like our # 1 choice
  • Must have working knowledge of how WordPress works with Themes and Plugins
  • Not a fan of the Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Themes Suite ConClusion

Thrive Themes is a solid investment for anyone looking to add the ability to build landing pages and sales pages inside WordPress. 

This is our # 1 Landing Page Builder for WordPress.

#3 LeadPages

Our # 3 platform of choice is the popular LeadPages. 

LeadPages is one of the oldest SAAS companies in the space that totally revolutionized how we're able to build high quality, lead generation pages in a matter of minutes. 

Since it's first launch, LeadPages has expanded into building not only LeadPages but also complete website templates. 

Unlike Kartra, LeadPages is not an all in one campaign builder primarily used for digital marketers. 

Instead, LeadPages is also targeting the local business owner, providing reliable tools at an affordable price. 


  • Easy to use - No coding or tinkering with WordPress required.
  • Great looking website and page templates make it a breeze to build
  • Very affordable pricing as low as $27 per month
  • Reliable service with a great support desk.
  • Fast load times


  • Not an all in one solution
  • Doesn't utilize the SEO friendliness of WordPress

LEadPages ConClusion

Amazing product that is a great start and will allow you to grow into your digital marketing business. 

In addition to it's reliable platform, you're able to test it out with their Free Trial option for 14 Days. 

What is a Landing Page Builder? 

A landing page is also refereed to as a squeeze page and the purpose is to collect an email optin so you can add the emails into your database of leads, following up using your email autoresponder in an effort to make the sale. 

See, in most cases, you're not going to make the sale the first time you present the offer - that goes for selling your own stuff or selling affiliate products. 

You'll be using email to follow up, build trust, and sell in the future.  

You'll see landing pages offering everything from free courses, webinars, newsletters, and PDF's. 

Often they are very simple in nature with only one call to action - asking for the optin. 

Take a look at one of our recent pages for one of our on demand training classes. 

Once the user inputs their email, they're taken to the free training page that outlines my entire process for making money from Affiliate Marketing. 

You can see it in action here.

During this class, we work to build the backstory, show plenty of examples and then ask for the sale. 

Regardless if the user buys or not, we're going to drop them into a value building sequence so they can at least walk away with learning something from the process. 

Should I Build An Email List?

Often, we'll hear people ask this question - is list building thing for me and my business?

Maybe you've been an SEO guy with the sole focus on ranking or maybe your a local business that's not utilized the power of digital marketing yet. 

Regardless, you should always be working to build your email marketing list. 

This is by far the biggest and best ROI you can ask for. 

You can utilize emails for any of the following:

  • Events
  • Special Promotions
  • Launching products
  • Launching new content pieces
  • Launching new videos

See, one of the key factors inside Google as well as Youtube revolves around engagement. 

The more content you're able to pump out and keep your audience engaged, the higher you're rankings are going to be. 

That's true for launching new Youtube videos as well as content on your blog

Who Needs A Landing Page Builder?

Regardless of the type of marketer you consider yourself to be, everyone needs a landing page. 

That goes for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Lead Generation companies
  • Email Marketers
  • Product Creators
  • Coaches

That's why there are so many to hit the market and why these platforms are so popular. 

Whenever I began my business in the mid 2000's, I was using Frontpage and Dreamweaver witho ZERO coding skills.  I would have loved to have the drag and drop editors of today. 

Core Elements for Building Your Best Landing Page 

Often, people will think they need the fancy logo, graphics, and imagery to make their landing page pop. 

But the fact is - you're after one goal. 

That is to convert them into a lead. 

If you create the most beautiful landing page with tons of options then there is a strong likelihood, the page will not convert. 

It's best to keep it simple which is why I'm outlining the core elements to every landing page you build. 

#1: The Headline

This is the bold promise or the hook of what you intend to deliver. 

Outside of the ad itself, the headline is the most important factor in building your landing page. 

Here is an example template of a tried and true headline with plenty of examples to get the ball rolling. 

How to "Do the Thing" In "The Number of Days" Without "What the Reader Wants to Avoid"

This how to headline formula cuts right to the chase with the promise of how to achieve the goal you're reader wants in a specific timeline. 

Let's use this with some examples. 

How to Rank #1 In Google in 72 Hours Or Less Without Being a Tech Genius!

How to Lose 10lbs in 30 Days without Yo-Yo Diets That Don't Work! 

Now, if you're offering a Free Video, you can add that to your Headline with something like this:

Free Video Reveals How to Rank #1 In Google in 72 Hours Or Less Even if You're Not a Techie Genius!

#2: The Bullets

The bullets are a rundown of everything you're going to teach them inside the training, video series, or PDF. 

You can see how the late, great Gary Halbert put together his bullets here

For me personally, I want to emphasize the benefit. 

How is this one thing going to impact the end user?

How are they going to feel?

What does it mean to their life?  their bottom line? 

#3: The Picture

I recommend using a picture on your lander in some aspect. 

The reason?

You're looking to build a know, like, and trust factor. 

The more they see that you're a real, living, breathing person the more trust is conveyed. 

So, stopped trying to hide behind a fancy logo and instead put up your best pic. 

#4: The Call To Action

The call to action is the button or optin for telling them exactly what to do. 

Typically, I make these buttons in order to stick out from the page, all centered up so the user isn't confused on what to do next. 

These types of landing pages are easier to build than anything else and will get better results than something that's focused on the cosmetics of the site. 

Landing Page Builders - Our Final Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our best landing page builder review. 

All of these tools are highly recommended and are reliable - your choice depends on experience and what you're looking to accomplish in choosing a landing page builder software. 

In closing, I want to stress how important this task is regardless of your approach to digital marketing. 

The reason?

It's a phrase you've heard since day 1. 

The Money Is In the List.

It sounds simple enough right?

That's why when choosing what you'll be using as your first contact with your prospect is something that shouldn't be taken lightly.   

Using a reliable landing page software will allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your digital marketing business - the actual marketing and traffic to get the leads coming to you. 

To end this post, our top rated #1 software for building high converting landing pages, with a drag and drop builder is the all in one campaign builder called Kartra which comes with a free trial offer you can test out the full range of tools by clicking below. 

Using this tool, you're able to replace 10 other tools and forget about having to integrate them all together in addition to having complete done for you campaigns.

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