Unlimited Leads Challenge Review, Insider Details, and Pricing Guide

Welcome to my Unlimited Leads Challenge review where I'm going to give you a sneak peek at the system from Justin Sardi, review the training program, as well as provide a bonus that's unlike anything else on the web. 

Ready to invest at the lowest price?

The Unlimited Leads Challenge has closed the special launch offer. 

However, if you'd like to see how we use Youtube then click here for the free video

Or read through our complete Tubesift review to help you with running Youtube Ads. 

Who Am I?

Let me being by telling you a little about myself. 

I'm not like most of the guys that are on the web promoting everything under the sun - I've actually got access to this product early which allowed me to complete this review. 

My name is Derek Pierce and I've been doing this digital marketing gig for over 12 years now with a focus on traffic, lead generation and selling my own products and services. 

While, I started my business and continue with SEO and affiliate marketing, I've also created and built winning ad campaigns that bring in leads, sales and customers.

In other words, this is the only review you'll need to see because I've actually went through the previous versions of the program and I practice what I preach. 

Regardless of your approach, keep in mind this one thing:

"The Money Is In the List"

As simple as it sounds, it's 100% true and that's why I'm doing this review today. 

What is Unlimited Leads Challenge?

Unlimited Leads Challenge is the latest course and training from Justin Sardi designed to help you finally start getting leadflow using Youtube Ads. 

It's a 14 day class that is designed to give you a simple, straight- forward system for attracting unlimited leads through Youtube ads.

Each day, you'll have a training and a plan of action so you can begin building a profitable Youtube ad campaign that drives leads. 

What's on the inside?

14 Day of Step By Step Lead Generation Training

Value $997

Youtube Lead Generation Road Map

Value $47

The Ultimate Lead Generation Workbook

Value $197

Video Ad Scripts and Templates

Value $197

Bonus # 1: Case Studies of Successful Lead Generation

Value $197

Bonus # 2: How to Scale Using Tubesift

Value $47

Why Youtube Ads?

You're probably already aware that Youtube has exploded in growth and has become the # 2 search engine in the world and is owned by the #1 search engine - Google. 

But let's take it a step further on why you should begin starting your own ad campaigns inside of Youtube. 

  • For starters, the traffic converts better than other sources

If we look at what the traffic is actually engaged in, then that will give us an in depth look at why Youtube ads tend to convert better than Facebook and Twitter. 

With Youtube people are tuning in to watch a video. 

With other social platforms, the audience is looking to socialize, post funny pictures, and talk politics and while these are great platforms to launch ads on, it's a disruption. 

Youtube is different as it's become more of a search engine and with the targeting options you have available, you can begin building a following of unlimited leads in no time. 

  • A variety of targeting options you have at your disposal. 

Using Youtube Ads, you can leverage your existing traffic, the viewers for your existing videos, as well as even your competitor's videos. 

Plus, you don't even need a video to capitalize using Youtube ads. 

Youtube ads are run through the Google Ads platform and using the Unlimited Lead Challenge system, you'll be able to open the flood gates to building a lasting business. 

Who is behind the Unlimited Leads Challenge?

The program was created and taught by digital marketer and Youtube Ads expert, Justin Sardi. 

I met Justin years ago at one of the JVZoo events in Orlando when he first began jumping into Youtube ads and he's helped other businesses through his software, training, and consulting to creating profitable campaigns using Youtube Ads. 

In addition to his training, he's the creator and brains behind the popular Youtube Ads spy tool called Tubesift, which I have been a customer for several years now.

Bottom line is once you talk with him, you realize he knows his stuff and is someone to follow with Youtube Ads. 

Now, let's dive into taking a look at the insides of the program with our full review.  

The Complete Unlimited Leads Challenge Review 

As you can see in the screen capture of the members area, everything is laid out and very user friendly going step by step. 

I love the fact the program is over the course of 14 days because this helps to prevent overwhelm and allows you to implement a successful Youtube ads strategy and you can always go back and review the materials at your own pace.  

My Review Video and a Look At the Inside

How Much Is Unlimited Leads Challenge Pricing?

It's a lot less than what they should be charging.

As part of this special launch that kicks off on December 1, 2020, you'll be able to take part in the Unlimited Leads Challenge for only $47 

That means you get everything for a one time payment of just $47 

  • 14 Day Youtube Ads Lead Generation Program
  • The Lead Generation Road Map
  • The Lead Generation Workbook 
  • Video Ad Scripts and Templates
  • Plus all the bonuses including my Exclusive Bonus Package only available here. 

What about Upsells?

There are 2 upsells that I know about that I've been through and know they're valuable, however you don't have to have these in order to succeed using the Unlimited Leads Challenge. 

So, for $47 you can take part in this challenge with me and learn a system for building lasting lead flow for your digital marketing business. 

The One and Only, Exclusive Unlimited Leads Challenge Bonus package 

I get it. 

At this point, you're wanting to get the biggest bang for your buck with the Unlimited Leads Challenge and I'm guessing you're looking for something that will compliment the training to help you take it to the next level. 

Most of these other shit ass websites haven't even been through the program and are slapping up a bunch of private label rights products bundled from someone else. 

That just don't cut it. 

Which is why I have the only Unlimited Leads Challenge bonus you'll need that will help you take this strategy to the next level. 

Unlimited Leads Challenge Bonus # 1: How to Rank Inside Youtube in 72 Hours

This is a brand new training program that I put together that shows you how to leverage the organic side of Youtube and rank inside the Youtube platform in as little as 72 hours. 

This training is exclusive for Unlimited Leads Challenge and is not for sale anywhere else. 

The ONLY way to get access is to order through our link here. 

Bonus # 2 - Email Sequences That Sell

Inside this 20 minute video training, I go through the framework I use to build email sequences that drive sales. 

It's all about taking them from your landing page to your emails to becoming a buyer.

Since you'll be driving leads, you'll need a process to be able to take those leads and convert them into paying customers. 

This will show you how to pull it off. 

Bonus # 3 - The Sequence of Events Training

Inside this training and ad swipe, I show you how I synchronize my email campaigns and sequences into events and how we integrate ad campaigns to drive more sales.

To get started and claim all the bonuses, simply click the order button below. (Links go live at 11am EST on December 1) 

To claim your bonus package, order through our link, then forward your receipt to [email protected]  

About the Author: Derek Pierce

I'm a digital marketer that specializes in affiliate marketing, SEO, and coaching others to build online businesses. On this site, you'll find strategies, tools, and reviews to help you grow and scale your digital business.

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  1. Hi Derek, Great review of unlimited leads challenge. You seem like a straight shooter and a seasoned I.M. Veteran. I went through your link to the sales page to pick up Justin Sardis product and the sales page said 47.00 but in jvzoo checkout page its 97.00. I thought the launch was 47.00. Is there by chance a coupon code that u know of to bring it to 47.00? I know Justin is a stand up guy, i just thought it was a little misleading to have the sales page say one thing and checkout page is more than twice the price of the front end. I also considered getting an oto or two. Do you have any idea why the price is more than doubled? Either way please email me back when you get a chance. Thank you Derek. Take care.

    1. Hey Jim
      Yeah there’s a good explanation on this. ULC was a launch that technically closed with the special $47 price point but they left the cart opened for another day or two but raised the price to $97.

      Hope this helps.


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