Surfer SEO Review – Step by Step to # 1 In Google

Surfer SEO Quick Rundown

This is a web based app that allows you to see how to optimize your content, what to include, and how to make your pages rank better in the search engines. 

In my opinion, this is the #1 tool for SEO professionals

If you're looking for the best SEO review and guide on the planet for Surfer SEO, then look no further because this is going to show you how to take your rankings to the next level using this incredible software. 

Since I've been a member for about a year now, I've seen countless upgrades from the Surfer team and will explain all the features, how to use, and explain how to get the most from your Surfer membership. 

Let's go ahead and dig in. 

About Me

I like to begin a lot of these reviews with some background on me not because I think I'm super awesome or anything weird but simply to give you context of who's writing this review. 

I think it's important since there are so many in the digital space jockeying to rank for any affiliate term under the sun just so they can get a commission. 

My name is Derek Pierce and I've been a full time digital marketer now for about 15 years. 

That's me and my wife Laura that you see in the pic here. 

I've done everything from client work, SEO, selling my own products and services to becoming a hot shot in the affiliate marketing world landing on one leaderboard after another. 

I've ranked in some of the most competitive markets under the sun. 

I prefaced all of that to say that I personally use Surfer SEO and have been a member for about a year now. 

In my opinion, Surfer is the single best tool for SEO on the market today and by the end of this review, I think you'll agree with me. 

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a web based tool that helps your overall SEO and content rank. 

The best way to explain is it's like having X-ray vision for SEO campaigns, being able to see how to improve your content, potential setbacks, and what your competition is doing. 

If you are going at your SEO campaigns and realize your competition is using something like Surfer, you really don't stand a chance.

You're able to grab data in minutes like no other tool on the planet.

What Does Surfer Do? 

You'll see there's a large array of task you can complete when you integrate Surfer SEO into your digital marketing business including:
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Competitor Analysis
  • Page Audits
  • Content Planning

Plus a whole lot more that include telling you the exact steps to take your site to ranking # 1 in Google. 

Demo and Inside Look

There's no better way to explain how Surfer SEO works except to show you how it all works.  

Watch the video below for a detailed account of how to use this tool to rank your affiliate sites as well as client sites # 1 in Google.

We're talking about data that can be gathered in minutes at the click of a button allowing you to quickly make decisions. 

This review is currently in progress and we're only scratching the surface here. 

We'll be updating this very very soon. 

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