Surfer SEO Black Friday Plus Cyber Monday Savings

Inside this Surfer SEO Black Friday and Cyber Monday guide, we'll show you how to save on your current plan plus provide you with our exclusive bonus. 

Want to skip ahead and get the Black Friday price?  

Click Here for Instant Access to the Savings

Or read on for our special bonus that's exclusive for those that invest in the 2024 Black Friday sale. 

Important Dates

The savings kick off on November 24th and run through November 29th. 

After that, the special offers will expire. 

The Surfer Black Friday Deal

As part of the sale, users will get 10% off all monthly plans and will receive 30% off all annual plans. 

Here's where it gets good though... 

That 30% off is off in addition to the existing 17% off you get for just upgrading to the annual plan allowing you to lock in a massive discount. 

So, 30% off in addition to the 17% discounted annual rate makes Surfer SEO a no brainer. 

Here's how it breaks down... 


  • $53.11 Per Month
  • $411.60 For Annual


  • $107.10 Per month
  • $831.60 For Annual


  • $215.10 Per month
  • $1671.60 For Annual

As you can see, the real savings is in the annual plans. 

There's even more perks for upgrading to an annual plan including Annual Credits

What Are Annual Credits?

Under the monthly subscriptions, you're allocated a certain number of credits. 

However, when you upgrade to the annual plan, these credits are then made into annual credits. 

That means you don't have to worry about losing your credits every month. 

Additional Goodies

Last year Surfer did something I'd never seen before. 

They made the Black Friday offer more like a contents where the more subscriptions they sold, the more goodies you got. 

This year is no different. 

Depending on how many memberships to Surfer are sold, they are going to roll out additional perks that include extra credits and extra seats - these will be announced once everything kicks off. 

Special Surfer Black Friday Bonus Offer

When you invest in one of the Surfer Annual plans, you'll get the Black Friday discounts, but we're going to do something special here as part of our SEO Black Friday deals

We're also going to give you our Content Launchpad course valued at $697. 

This is a step by step course that will give you all the insights you need to build content that ranks but also content that converts. 

Inside you'll see the entire process... 

  • How we organize our content so we never run out of ideas or staring at a blank screen.  
  • The proper structure so you get your content ranked without losing out on conversions
  • The power of interlinking and how to use it to your advantage... Plus I go over some of the common issues resulting from using the wrong type of interlinks.
  • Plus a whole lot more... 

About Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a web based application that gives you a blueprint on what to do in order to rank # 1 in Google. 

It's effective because it's giving you the scope of what the first results ranking 1-20 have done. 

That means instead of wondering what to do or using a cookie cutter approach, you can simply run Surfer to see the changes to make. 

Now with Growth Flow, you can have it give you step by step instructions. 

I've been a user for some time and you can see the full Surfer SEO review along with a demo of the software. 

Is Surfer SEO safe to use?

It's 100% safe and effective plus recommended.  

See, the cool part about Surfer is it's giving you guidelines of what to do. 

These guidelines are giving you a real footprint on exactly what the search engines are looking for

The real competitive advantage to using Surfer is the ability to see what Google is looking for when updates take place. 

Ready to Claim Your Black Friday Surfer Discount?

Remember, when you order any of the Annual Plans, you'll get access to the Content Launchpad Masterclass course that's normally $697 completely FREE. 

Simply, forward your receipt to [email protected]


These are the common questions related to Surfer's Black Friday Offer.

Will the Discounted Rate Continue?

As long as you keep your Surfer SEO account active, you will have the discounts locked in.

Can I Upgrade Plans At the Discounted Rate?

Yes - as long as you have an active account, you can upgrade at the discounted rate. 

How Do I Claim the Black Friday Bonus?

  1. For starters, be sure you've cleared your cookies and do not click on any other sites.
  2. Then, order here -
  3. Finally, forward your receipt to [email protected] and we'll get you plugged inside the members area asap. 

Is Surfer's Black Friday Deal Legit?

Yes! Surfer is what I consider the top SEO software on the market and one of the leading SEO Black Friday deals

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