Lead Conversion Squared Review – Does It Work?

Wondering if Lead Conversion Squared is a fit for you?

Inside this full review, we'll be diving into the system and showing you everything you get as a LCS2 Member.  

The Quick Verdict:

This offer is no longer available as the launch has already passed.

What you should do now instead is take a look at the best email marketing services here to capture leads with - https://thinktanklab.com/email-marketing-service/

And if you're just starting out wondering where to begin, then I'd recommend starting a blog right now that you can publish content to.  You can see my getting started blogging guide here.

Feel free to browse the full LCS2 review or jump to the appropriate section below.   I'll be giving you a full rundown and providing marketing insights along the way. 

Who Am I And Why Should I Listen To You? 

I think it's equally important to know who I am and that I am a real person because there's so much bull shit on the internet with people promising everything under the sun just to make a quick commission.  

My name is Derek Pierce and yes that's me (ol' graybeard).

I've been a full time digital marketer for the last 15 years.  I got my start online out of desparation from selling houses nobody wanted in a small town in Alabama on eBay. Once I saw that with my own two eyes, I was convinced the internet was were I wanted to be. 

That ultimately led to driving traffic, leads, and sales from SEO and Youtube which is why you're reading this review. 

If you see my site, there's not a new review every day with the "sky is falling" better act quick marketing gimicks having you jump from one shiny object to another. 

Instead, I've dedicated this site to digital marketing reviews of products that I truly believe in, use myself, tested extensively or feel they can fill the void in your business.

For example, I've done reviews on a variety of products depending on what you need help with. 

If you're looking to generate leads, then be sure to check out my Best Landing Page Builder review and guide here.

But today, we're discussing LCS2.

What's the fuss over Leads and Conversions? 

If you've been inside the marketing world for any amount of time, then you've heard the lifeblood to any business is leads. 

I agree yet disagree with that statement. 

It's been my experience, that leads are not created equal.

You have some leads that do nothing but kick the tires, inspect, yet never pull out their wallet to pay for your products and services. 

In my experience, we want our marketing practices to eliminate those people so that we're only dealing with real, potential prospects that would benefit from our products and services. 

Which is what makes Lead Conversions Squared a system that you can count on. 

It puts the focus into not only generating leads, but also having systems, software, and processes in place that will work to convert them for you. 

What is Lead Conversion Squared?

Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2)

Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) is the new digital marketing product from Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels that comes with a complete software as well as training for helping businesses create leads while optimizing for conversions. 

Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) has been in development for a number of years and now it's rolling out to the masses with a good ole fashioned product launch. 

Here's how it's going to work. 

First, they're rolling out a live 3 day webclass that's going to show you how to build a legitimate, scaleable, and highly profitable business that outlines their systems, software, and processes. 

This is going to run from September 28-30, 2020. 

Then they're going live on a webclass on October 1st. 

As with most launches, this will only be available for a few days, then they began focusing on servicing the new members. 

Meet Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels - The Brains Behind LCS2

Both Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels are well respected marketers that are highly sought after and have spoken on some of the biggest stages. 

Chad Nicely is a marketing strategist and consultant that specalizes in lead generation and creating high conversions for his customers and clients. 

He's been involved in several high profile launches and has helped thousands of digital marketers start and scale their web business. 

Daven Michaels has been able to travel the world while building a million dollar business.  He's a New York Times best selling author as well as the creator of the popular outsourcing website called 123 employee. 

In other words, both of these guys know what they're doing. 

Lead Conversion Squared Review (LCS2)

For me, I wanted to get my hands dirty with the product and see the members area and dashboard before creating a review. 

In this case, I wanted to show you a real, behind the scenes demo of what you're going to be getting if you invest in the Lead Conversion System. 

In this video, you'll see Chad walk you through the software. 

What's in the System?

The system is composed of multiple parts that will help you create a complete digital marketing business that gets you results for generating leads with the focus on conversions. 

In addition to the training, you'll also get... 

  1. A Software You Have the Ability to Resell 
  2. Done for You Lead Generation Campaign 
  3. Daily leads flowing into your business

Let's break each of these down in more detail... 

Access to the Brand New, CRM Software with Reseller License

You're going to be able to resell this as each new customer will get white label license to resell this new, powerful software that captures leads and creates high conversions.

If you're just starting your business, this is the product you can begin selling and feel great about because it gets real results. 

Done For You Lead Magnet

One of the keys to attacting the right kind of leads that will convert is your "hook" or lead magnet. 

As part of the LCS2 community, you'll be given your very own lead magnet that generates your own digital business card. 

With the Digital Business Card, you can create customizations that build trust, loyalty and get people to convert.

Ongoing Leads Driven To Your Business Every Day

In addition to the training, software, and lead magnets, you'll also have your very own trained Virtual Assistant available that's bringing you thousands of leads every month for your new digital marketing business.

This is what separates this program from many other programs as it's a true Done For You Solution from everything with the software to the lead generation itself.

Once you go through Lead Conversion Squared System, you'll be able to:

  • Copy and Clone the jaw-dropping process that brings in 5-8 leads every day without complicated webinars, sales funnels or begging for a client.  
  • Instead, you'll be able to convert prospects 70% of the time...   
  • Stop wondering what to do, swapping time for money and sell a proven, in-demand system of your very own with this cutting edge software. 
  • You'll have an offer that converts like magic without the stress and guesswork.  Finally, you can skip the hard knocks of starting an online business and immediately plugin to the LCS2 community and system. 
  • Get Leads that convert with your very own irressistable offer coupled with your very own pre-trained virtual assistant that's driving leads for you every month.
  • Convert your leads into paying customers by simply letting the system do the work for you.  As I said earlier, the job of your software is to help eliminate the tire-kickers while focusing only on your best prospects.
  • Forget having to train a staff, hiring and firing of virtual assistants because - "they don't get your business"... Now you'll have a full trained assistant doing all the heavy lifting in conjunction with the LCS2 software bringing you leads every day.
  • Completely automate your lead getting while your at work or sleeping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week having systems and processes work for you.
  • Join a winning community that includes cutting edge training and support.
  •  Leverage your business with my special bonus package (listed below) by having next-level services you can offer to boost your profits building sustainable, recurring revenue and cash windfalls.  Once you have leadflow, these are all systems you can offer to your clients that compliment their business building strategies. 

Lead Conversion Squared Pricing Packages

So by now, you've seen what LCS2 has, seen the inside and you're probably wondering - "How much is this going to cost?"

Well, it's a fraction of what it would cost if you had to go into the market, test different offers, create the software and hire a virtual assistant. 

Which is why we highly recommend this program - it's all done for you already where you can invest in a true turnkey system.

There are 3 packages for the Lead Conversion Squared Sysetm

  1. Basic Membership for a single payment of $997
  2. Gold Membership for two payments of $997
  3. Platinum for 3 payments of $997 

Keep in mind whenever you're looking at investing in LCS2, most of the work is already done for you meaning you can plug and play into their proven systems letting the software do the work for you. 

Here's a breakdown in what is included inside these packages 

Basic Membership (One time Investment of $997)

You'll recieve the following as part of this basic membership:

  • Digital Business Card System 
  • LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared Software)
  • Agency License
  • Training
  • Virtual Assistant for 1 Month for your lead generation

Plus you'll get additional bonuses when you order that include the following

  • Custom branded website
  • Follow Up Campaigns
  • 7 Day Lead Conversion Squared Masterclass

Option # 2: Gold Membership (2 Payments of $997)

With the LCS2 Gold, you'll get everything from the basic membership plus includes the following:

  • 10 Agency Licenses
  • Virtual Assistant for 2 Months 

Option # 3: Gold Membership (3 Payments of $997)

This package offers the most of any of the other two.  With the Lead Conversion Squared Platinum package you'll get everything from the basic package plus you'll be upgraded to the following:

  • Unlimited Agency Licenses 
  • Virtual Assistant for 3 Months for Your Lead Generation
  • Card Prospecting System

In true review fashion, I wanted to give you a list of all the pros and the cons I see with the system. 

LCS 2 Pros:

  • Cutting edge software for generating leads
  • Proven lead capture templates
  • Support will be top-notch
  • Lead generation isn't a fad or going away - only getting more important.
  • Pre-trained Virtual Assistant to bring leads to you.
  • This gives you a product you can immediately sell and feel confident about.


  • The price of the system may keep some from being able to invest. 

My take on Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) 

I've personally reviewed the program, the offer, and all the pricing details.  I give the program my recommendation and encourage you to take part in the LCS2 system if you're serious about starting an online business.  

The only objection that I see some will find is price of the product will keep many from being able to invest, however when you compare what you're getting the investment is completely justified and makes sense. 

Lead Conversion Squared Bonus Package

While LCS2 has cutting edge software, training, and even a virtual assistant to bring you leads every month, I'm going to show you a completely different side of the business that you can use to capitalize on with your marketing efforts. 

This will also help you generate even more traffic as well as providing additional add-on services to your digital marketing business which will compliment what you're doing with the Lead Conversion System. 

So you can create windfalls of cash and build multiple streams of revenue from your lead generation efforts. 

When you order through my link, you'll get these bonuses for free.

Bonus # 1: Audit Architect

This is a recent over the shoulder training I conducted that will show you how to perform website audits for your clients to avoid pitfalls while leveraging their search engine traffic.

This is the exact process we take when starting our SEO campaigns to troubleshoot potential errors, common flaws and more importantly how to make the fix. 

Often you'll find that there are simple tweaks you can create that manifest big opportunities very quickly. 

You'll see how to build "quick wins" into lasting rankings for buisinesses to help protect their brand while also gaining more traffic for their desirable keywords. 

This is a service you can use to sell or use the process for your existing clients and your own websites.  

Bonus # 2: 30 Day SEO Kickstart

In the 30 Day Kickstart SEO Blueprint, I'll reveal the exact process, step by step of the way, to getting your clients # 1 for their most desirable keywords. 

This is a PDF accompanied by a 2 hour video training that outlines the first 30 days of our SEO campaigns.   

Now, you'll never have to second guess what to do or the timing of what to do.  Instead, you'll confidently know exactly what to do in oder to take their search traffic from no man's land to # 1 in the search results.

Bonus # 3: Video Ranking Formula Training

With Youtube growing leaps and bounds, I'll give you the recipe to ranking inside both Youtube as well as Google.  

You'll see how to systematically get ranked from traffic that drives leads and sales without spending a dime on advertising. 

You'll see how we create "quick wins" with our video marketing efforts that not only get traffic but also help rank our websites. 

This system can be used for yourself as well as your client websites. 

Total Value of All the Bonuses and Training: $16,478

How to Claim Your Bonus Package

  1. Clear Your Cookies!
    (This is important to be sure we are credited with the sale.  If we're not credited, then the bonus will not be delivered, so follow instructions carefully) 
  2. Order Through our special link here. 
  3. Forward Your Receipt to support at shoalsmarketing.com 

Give us 48 hours to verify your order and we'll be sending you access to all the items above. 

Oh - No. This Offer Is No Longer Available

As you are probably aware with most launches they open the doors for a short period of time, then close the cart down. 

Since this is no longer available, you may be wondering - what do we do from here? 

For starters, it depends on what you're trying to do. 

If you're generating leads from a webinar, then I recommend you check out my webinar software guide to help you get the most from webinars. 

If you're just starting out and looking for the best way to make money online, then I recommend building a hub of your best stuff plus targeting affiliate marketing reviews. 

If you'd like some help with that, then watch my training and get the invite to my training by clicking below. 

See How I Create Big Ticket and Recurring Revenue Using This Turn Key Framework That Anyone Can Follow

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