Best AI Writing Software for 2024 (Ranked and Reviewed)

With the advancement of AI writing software, it's important to pick the best solution for your digital marketing. 

Inside this guide, we'll rank and review the top rated programs to see which is a fit for in 2024. 

# 1: Jasper AI

Overall Rating: 5/5

Jasper AI allows you to build long form blog post and SEO articles with ease speeding up your content creation process. 

No other AI tool on the market comes close. 

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Rytr AI Software

Overall Rating: 4/5

Ryter software is another great AI tool that creates amazing content that's human readable and passes Copyscape.

Not as many bells and whistles as Jasper but gets the job done. 

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Jasper AI - Our Top Pick

Jasper AI is the top dog in our review for the best AI software tools. 

They've packed it with so many features and recipes it's made article writing and content creation so much easier. 

Jasper Benefits:

  • Over 50 Templates
    There are over 50 templates that you can pick from to create content for.  Everything from Facebook ads to email campaigns to long form blog post. It's all there. 
  • Extremely Easy to Use
    The software is super easy to learn and just as easy to use.   In addition, there are several training videos so you can increase your productivity tapping into Jasper's short-codes and recipes.
  • Super Cool Team
    While I don't know them personally, as a user of the software, they've made countless upgrades and the software is always up and running.  Another benefit is the Facebook group full of supportive, like minded community members willing to help. 
  • Boss Mode Is Next Level
    The boss mode feature in my opinion is a must-have.  Yes, they have other packages but this takes AI writing to the next level.   

The only downside to Jasper AI is that it's not the cheapest option on the table however it's worth every penny because of the reliability, and all the features packed inside the platform.

See my full review for Jasper AI by going here

Or jump in and get the Jasper trial offer. 

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI Writing Software?

Artificial Intelligence or AI software uses machine learning process that allows you to create content. 

It's really the next level of content creation allowing you to 20-30x your content creation with a fraction of the effort. 

If you're wondering what all can I do with AI content, there's no real limitations. 

Using AI, you can:

  • Write long form blog post
  • Create social media post 
  • Create ads for social media 
  • Write Youtube titles
  • Write Youtube descriptions
  • Google Business Profile Marketing (aka GMB)

Along with a slew of other options. 

There's really nothing that can be done with using AI Writing.

Is AI Writing Good for SEO?

This question often comes up in many of the Facebook groups and forums. 

Will AI Content Rank?

The answer is YES. 

At the end of the day, search engines don't know if the content has been created by a person or a bot. 

The importance though is that the content is readable, makes sense, and is original. 

Make your blog content unique enough with the proper SEO elements and you'll be good to go. 

What to Expect from the Best AI Writing Software Platforms? 

Most of the software applications are web based which means in most cases you'll be able to login to a dashboard and create your content without any hiccups or worry about software to install. 

When creating the content expect to give it directions. 

So many people expect to push a single button and it just crank out a 3,000 word article ready to go.

That's not a reality yet.

As nice as these tools are, they have to be given some directions or else you're not going to see the full power of AI. 

However, when you give the software applications ample instructions you'll be able to crank up your content creation efforts like never before. 

Imagine creating a long form blog post article that's 2,000 words in 20-25 minutes. 

Before AI, this would take several hours not to mention the amount of research. 

Final Conclusion

In 15+ years of doing digital marketing, I've never seen content creation tools pump out polished, unique articles like the ones you're seeing on the market today. 

I highly recommend if you're working as a digital marketer wether it's a consultant, coach, affiliate marketer, or service provider to take advantage of one of the tools we've recommended here.

Jasper AI

This guide is currently being added to so be sure to check back soon. 

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