How to Create A Youtube Auto Subscribe Link to Boost Your Following

Wondering how to get more Youtube subscribers to your channel?

How about getting higher rankings inside Youtube?

One of the key factors for ranking inside Youtube is engagement.

Inside this tutorial, you'll see how to generate a Youtube auto subscribe link in less than a minute that will help you boost your following. 

The Video Tutorial:

It will actually take you longer to watch this 3 minute video than to implement but once you do you'll be able to share your link across all your social media properties boosting your Youtube subscriber count. 

That in turn, will boost your views and engagement when you publish new video content. 

Step # 1: Grab Your Channel URL

First you'll need to setup your channel that I showed you how to do here

Once you get your channel setup, grab your channel url. 

Step # 2: Add The Code

Once you've copied the URL of your channel, you simply add the following code to the very end:


And that's all you have to do. 

Now, once someone goes to your url, they'll see the following...

Now, that you see how it's done, I want to show the url's put together so you can copy for your own channels. 

Youtube Auto Subscribe Links For You To Copy

Below are samples of my channel in different formats. 

Be sure you swap out your channel url or else you'll be sending me people 

Channel URL:

Channel URL with custom name:

Final Words...

Once you get this setup, I recommend including it inside your blog, your social media properties, and anywhere you share your content from (especially your email marketing campaigns from your email service provider) so you can have people across multiple channels. 

The bottom line for integrating Youtube into your marketing is getting your videos ranked inside both Youtube and Google. 

The great part about uploading videos is you can rank both in Google and Youtube taking up the top spots for your most desirable keywords that your potential clients are searching for. 

Want to see how I use Youtube in conjunction with my overall marketing approach?

Signup for the webinar and get inside my training program. 

It's going to help you formulate a plan of attack that gets you results in the fastest timeframe possible. 

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