13 Best Web Hosting Services in 2024 (Ranked and Reviewed)

Getting the right web host for your business is critical to your success in the digital marketing world. 

If you're looking for the quick answer, then in most cases, we'd recommend Bluehost as it's pretty beginner friendly.

Or feel free to go through this entire review as we rank the top companies along with pricing, features, and more. 

Personally, I've got numerous accounts for the variety of businesses and have found pro's and cons with each, so let's dig in. 

(This guide is a work in progress and will be updated very soon)

Best Web Hosting Options

Instead of having you scroll through this exhausting list of host, I've included the top choices below, then will get into more details with each. 

  1. Hostinger
  2. Nexcess 
  3. Liquid Web
  4. Siteground
  5. Dreamhost
  6. Godaddy
  7. Green Geeks
  8. Hostgator
  9. A2 Hosting
  10. Dreamhost
  11. WP Engine
  12. Namecheap
  13. Bluehost


  • Price Starts at 2.99 Per Month
  • Support 24 Customer Support
  • Free Domain, Lifetime SSL
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Nexcess is a product from Liquid Web that offers a fully managed hosting solution that is geared toward those using WordPress, Magento, and Woocommerce sites. 

As a matter of fact, Nexcess's sister company is StellarWP which creates many popular WordPress plugins.  This is important to note because of the investments made in the WordPress platforms by providing plugins that are compatible. 

  • Fully managed hosting for WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce
  • Support 24 Customer Support
  • Very reliable with multiple data centers


Geared for users looking for a solid, reliable managed hosting solution. 

Even though, this is a managed hosting solution, this is probably not the solution for a beginner. 

  • Faster load times, more secure WordPress websites
  • No overage fees
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24-7 Support
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting
  • Managed Magento Hosting
  • Cloud hosting options


  • Migrations from other hosts to Nexcess are Free and hands free as they handle the process. 
  • Positive rating and feedback on Trust Pilot 
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Multiple data centers so you can host where your target audience is located. 


  • Customers have voiced concerns over slow support request
  • There's no option for unmanaged or shared hosting which is reflected in the price. 

Pricing Options

  • WordPress Hosting Starts at $13.30 Per Month
  • WooCommerce Hosting Starting at $13.30 Per Month
  • Magento Hosting packages starts at $24.50 Per month

Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides cloud, vps, and dedicated servers that's fully managed that boast over 45,000 customers across 150 countries hosting 500,000 sites.

We learned of Liquid Web years ago, made the switch and haven't looked back since. 

An A+ rating across the BBB makes this one of the better services on the market.  As a matter of fact, the only reason we didn't place this as our # 1 source is because it's not necessarily for the beginner. 

  • Reliable Uptime with 99.999%
  • Support 24 Customer Support
  • VPS, Cloud, Dedicated Servers
  • Complimentary Migrations from other host


Bluehost is a reliable service that's been around for a long time that's very affordable with the features and support you need to build a website. 

  • Price Starts at 2.95
  • 24 - 7 Customer Support
  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • Includes Free SSL Certificate


Bluehost is a reliable company that's one of the oldest web hosting providers that offers shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting.  Their packages are geared more toward beginners looking for shared hosting plans. 

  • Free Domain For 1 Year with plan
  • Free SSL Certificate for the first year
  • Free CDN
  • 1 Click WordPress Installation


  • Very easy to use interface
  • Super affordable - one of the lowest priced hosting options
  • Great for beginners that are just getting started with their website. 


  • Can be outgrown pretty quick once you start getting traffic.
  • Can be pricey upon the renewal.
  • Enormous amount of useless upsells.

Pricing Options

Bluehost has a variety of pricing packages that are very affordable for the first year, but will renew at the normal, higher price.  

  • Shared Hosting: $2.95 Per Month (Basic Plan), 5.45 per Month (Plus plan), 5.45 Per Month (Choice Plus), 13.95 Per Month (Pro Plan)
  • VPS Hosting: $19.99 Per Month (Standard), 29.99 Per Month (Enhanced), 59.99 Per Month (Ultimate Plan).  Requires 36 Month Agreement. 
  • Dedicated: $79.99 per Month (Standard), $99.99 Per Month (Enhanced), $119.99 Per Month (Premium).  Requires 36 Month Term

The plans you see with Bluehost, technically aren't available on a monthly plan where you pay month to month, however this is what the amount will be averaged out. 

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service that stores your website on a server so that it can published online and be accessed by people all over the world. It is an essential part of having a website, and there are many different providers to choose from as you see inside this review. 

Web hosting can be for a single website or multiple sites. 

When you buy a domain, you'll then follow up with hosting which is what will allow you to publish your site to the world to see. 

What to Look For

There are common elements to look for when choosing a web host, many depend on your experience level along with the stage your site is in. 

For example, you'll find that Shared Hosting is typically a more affordable option, however you have more limitations as your sharing a server with other businesses. 

With that being said, this can be an excellent choice if you're just getting started, have a small local site,  or not sure about how big your site may be. 

Other important elements include:


Your website will be stored on the provider's servers, so it is important to make sure that they have adequate security measures in place.

Look for a provider that offers features such as firewalls and malware scanning. You should also make sure that your website will be backed up regularly. 

It's also important to make sure you get a reliable solution that has a reputable uptime. 

The services mentioned in this review all have an excellent reputation in uptime as well as security. 

Site Speed

Another factor to consider when choosing a web hosting provider is speed. Your website's loading speed is important for two reasons.

First, it impacts the user experience. If your website takes too long to load, people will leave before they even have a chance to see what you have to offer.

Second, website speed is now a ranking factor for search engines in part because of the poor user experience.

If someone doesn't have a good experience, it's unlikely they'll click around or take your call to action. 

In turn, it can have a negative impact on where your site ranks making it harder to get natural, organic traffic. 

Final Conclusion

Choosing the best web hosting provider is something that's very important and something dependent on what you're doing online wether it's a startup, an established online business, or just a hobby. 

Getting the right fit will help you in the long run to focus on the more important aspects in your venture which is typically creating more content, attracting more traffic, getting leads and sales. 

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