ThriveCart Alternatives: These Shopping Carts Work

If you're looking for the best alternative to ThriveCart, then we've got you covered.

Depending on what you're looking for is going to determine which solution is best suited for you. 

With that being said, let's get started.

Top Overall:

Most Affordable:

Optimizepress with OptimizeCheckouts

Best All-in-One


Samcart is one of the more reliable carts packed heavy with crazy amounts of features. 

The fact is most people probably will never use all of these features, however it works. 

The downside to Samcart is the price. 

To get the full features with affiliate management, you'll need to invest in one of their upper tiers, which at one point was over $200 per month.

To get the one click upsell feature, which is a necessity for being able to break even as soon as possible with running offers on cold traffic, you'll need their Growth Plan which is $119 per month when getting an annual plan. 

The best part?

You can test it out for 7 days.

Optimizepress Checkouts

Recently, we re-signed up for the Optimizepress suite to use as an alternative to ThriveCart.

One of the plugins inside OptimizePress is Optimize Checkouts. 

These are prebuilt checkout pages designed to increase your conversions and will integrate with your backend system, allowing you to have one click upsells, and more.

This is all built inside your WordPress dashboard and will integrate with your autoresponder as well as popular Membership plugins like Wishlist Member.

If you're looking for an affordable alternative to ThriveCart, this could be a great solution.

In order to get some of the same functionality with the funnel builder and checkouts, you'll need the Suite Starter plan which starts at $199 per year.

We've tested this on a few small internal campaigns and been happy with how well they worked.

Not only are you getting a way to build a checkout system, but you're getting access to all of the landing page builder and templates which we're a huge fan of.

High Level

High Level is one of the newcomers to bring our top rated all in one platform. 

This has everything under one roof instead of trying to piece together multiple platforms... 

Instead this has your shopping cart but also features everything else you'll need to start and run a digital marketing business including:

  • Sales Funnels 
  • CRM 
  • Call Tracking
  • Membership platforms
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Survey funnels
  • And a whole lot more.


Kartra is an all in one builder that has similar functionality with one click upsells and a funnel builder.

While ThriveCart's biggest advantage to the market was it's simplicity, Kartra is different. 

It has everything you could possibly imagine under one roof including checkouts, landing pages, memberships, and email marketing. 

So, if you're frustrated and tired of tinkering wondering if you're fighting a losing battle with your shopping cart, then Kartra could very well be what you've been looking for. 

Kartra also provides a free trial so you can fully test it out first.

Our Background

We've been a Thrivecart user for a number of years. 

I began using the platform I believe in 2015 or 2016 and at the time it was incredible. 

New features have been added that just made the platform work. 

I was coming from a platform called Nanacast and using Thrivecart was like a breath of fresh air.

However, there have been numerous changes to the platform over the last couple of years which has many looking for a Thrivecart alternative. 

What we like and dislike about Thrivecart

For starters, we've loved the one time price. 

It's been great for simplicity and ease of use as you can see in our full review here

However, the one-time price on software isn't always the best.

The reason is ongoing updates and maintenance are going to be required in order to run a software-as-a service model.

Typically, this doesn't work and the software needs consistent cash flow to support this type of model.

In the case of ThriveCart, we've loved it and have used it for years, but feel the latest updates that involved the upgraded payment settings, actually took a step back with what we loved about ThriveCart in the beginning.

The simplicity was what made ThriveCart the top cart on the market, yet the upgrades in the funnel builder and payment settings seems to cause some hiccups with numerous reports in the ThriveCart group.

If you stick with ThriveCart, then you need to stick with the Legacy Carts with the Classic Editor.

Also, do not upgrade to the latest payment settings for the best experience.

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