Should I Use Post Vs Page in WordPress?

Inside WordPress, you've got a couple of choices to publish your content - Post and Pages. 

But which one is better for you?

This tutorial will show you how we create content for our sites and the scientific reason behind it all. 

Watch this short video that explains it all. 

What's the difference in how Post and Pages are treated?

One of the common thoughts is that WordPress posts and pages are viewed differently from the search bots. 

The fact is each of these are read the exact same way from the bots and there's nothing structurally different.

Despite your WordPress theme, you can customize each to your liking. 

My Setup

For me, I use both.

Let me explain.

For pages, I use for anything static like About us Page, Disclosures, Contact, and our Home Page. 

For the content I want to rank for, I use post. 

There's a reason behind it and it has really nothing to do with how Google or Bing reads the pages from a structure standpoint.

But there is a reason we use this setup.

It's all because by default WordPress Posts have an RSS feed and that feed can be utilized to build links all automatically. 

How to Use the Post RSS Feed

With WordPress, you have a default RSS feed located at the following url: or

When you go there, it will look like this. 

You'll take that url then plug this into tools like IFTTT that can make automatic updates to your social properties letting them know you've created new content. 

This is all 100% automatic but the cool part about it?

It's giving you a link to each new piece of content you create. 

If you want to see how it works, then you should check out my Automated Links system

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