Murf AI Promo Code (Save 33%)

Murf AI has been one of our favorite AI tools we've tested giving you the ability to created incredible voice overs. 

Save 33% With Murf AI

One of the most realistic voice over generators on the planet with a huge library of professional voice overs to choose from.


Murf AI has made it possible for anyone to create high quality audio with their professional voice over software. 

This tool makes it so that anyone can create videos and audio without needing a perfect "voice" or without hiring professional, voice over talent that can run hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

The great thing about using Murf is you can match whatever your audience with the library of voices to choose from. 

How to Apply The Murf Promo Code

All you have to do is click here to get started. 

This will get you over the pricing and plan page where you can see an instant 33% discount in savings for your plan. 

Choosing the Right Plan

Murf AI comes with packages and plans for those that may just be starting out or experienced users. 

It's easy to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan inside the members area with just one click. 

The higher priced plans give you more voices in more languages as well as more voice generated. 

How Does Murf AI Work?

We'll be doing a full review in the near future showing you how everything works from the dashboard to the finished product. 

Here's the process: 

step 1

Create The Copy

You can use ChatGPT or any other AI tool to build your copy.

step 2

Paste Into Murf AI And Choose Voice

You'll simply paste your copy into Murf AI's voice generator and choose a voice.

step 3

Make Tweaks and Export

Once you get the voice you've desired, you'll then make the necessary tweaks to the audio, then export the audio. 


Some of the frequently asked questions regarding this Murf AI promo code

Can I use Murf AI with my Youtube videos? 

Yes. You have commercial rights to the voices you create with Murf AI.

Does Murf AI Provide Discounts?

Yes - you can use the link on this page to get the best discount on Murf AI. 

Can I cancel or downgrade my plan?

Yes - it's very easy to upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel your plan. 

It's a simple click of the button inside the member's area. 

Can I clone my voice?

Yes and No. Murf AI has a voice cloning service however it's not a part of their plan.  This service is geared more toward corporate clients and is very expensive. 

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