How to Make Money without a Website

Are you looking to make money online without a having a website? 

If so, you're in the right place because I'm going to show you how to pull this off with the top money making methods you can use to kickstart your digital marketing. 

It's now easier than ever even without knowing any code or technical experience and I'll break down the best ways in this guide, so let's get going. 

Feel free to read the entire guide or jump to the appropriate section.

# 1 : Affiliate Marketing With Youtube Videos

Often when people think about Youtube, they're thinking of sponsorships or getting Youtube ad revenue, but the reality is most will never be able to pull this off. 

The reality is you need a lot of views to get sponsored and a sizeable amount of watched time inside Youtube to even qualify for the partner program. 

That's why I recommend Affiliate Marketing using Youtube videos. 

Simply start a new Youtube channel in whatever niche or market you've decided to go into. 

The top niche markets to hit are ones where people are active, willing to spend money, and where there are multiple products to promote. 

Top 2 Niches for Youtube Affiliate Marketing

  1. Health and Fitness

    This is one of the affiliate marketing niches that has been on the rise for a while.

    Whether you are promoting fitness equipment, supplements or any type of lifestyle products, affiliate marketing in this industry is probably going to be a good bet.

    Diet and weight loss products, muscle building products, immune system boosters, and longevity are all big sellers. 

    Don't forget the at home fitness market for equipment and training tutorials. 

  2. Financial Products and Investing

Another affiliate market with a lot of growth potential is financial services and investing programs.

This includes insurance products as well as investment opportunities such as mutual funds, stocks and more. 

Real estate and crypto are the heavy hitters at the time of this writing. 

Why I Like the Youtube Model?

It's easy to get started and you're able to leverage a powerful channel that's allowing you to target your niche for 2 of the top search engines. 

There are other ways to make money from affiliate marketing where you run ads on Facebook and Google and you consistently test new ad sets, new audiences. 

If that's more of your speed then check out the Commission Hero course

# 2: Google Business Profile (AKA Google My Business GMB) Consultant and Service Provider for Local Businesses

Google Business profile formerly referred to as Google My Business formerly referred by Google Maps is taking more spots in the search results pushing organic listings further down the fold for the majority of local searches. 

(I just wished Google would make up their mind what the hell they wanna call the thing.) 

Now, when you conduct a local Google search for the majority of local terms, you'll find a lot of Adwords ads as well as the GMB or Google My Business listings pulled into the search results that are listed on top of the organic listings. 

While some think these are just randomly chosen properties, there's a skill set behind ranking Google Business Profiles so that your customers can get the lionshare of the leads. 

The great part about Google Business Profiles is you don't need a website to get started.

# 3: Affiliate Marketing With Google Sites

Google Sites is a free product from Google and the great part about these sites?

They're 100% FREE!

You don't need any html code or know WordPress. 

It's probably one of the simplest platforms because you can drag and drop whatever you want inside your Google Site

All you need is a Google account then go to

You can build a fully functional website for your business and promote affiliate products to earn a commission. 

I recently did a video that covers the setup and show a recent campaign

While you don't have as much customization as you would with WordPress and your limited on design, this is something that anyone can do. 

The key to making this work is targeting the appropriate, money making keywords, and to be aggressive with your link building campaigns. 

If you're bashful with your link building, you'll have skinny kids. 

# 4: Build an Email List Using a Landing Page Builder

You've heard the phrase the money is in the list only about a million times by now. 

The reason is... 

It's 100% true. 

Start viewing your email list as an asset that you can control, grow, and scale building up your own following. 

The challenge back in the day was having to know code, copying snippets, plugging them into your favorite page builder then FTP'ing everything, taking a look, then testing the forms. 

It was very time consuming. 

Now, you simply invest in a landing page builder like one of these, connect through your email service provider's API, and you're done. 

All you have to do at that point is find offers to push through to your email list. 

You can make money from selling your own products and services or through affiliate marketing. 

# 5: Freelance Writing

I hire writers all of the time to write out well researched, quality articles for some of my sites. 

If you're a writer then you can join the likes of Upwork or Fiverr. 

Recently, I saw a story on how this 28 year old Freelancer made $378K on Fiverr of all places. 

Watch the clip below to see how she pulled it off. 

This doesn't have to be necessarily writing articles. 

It could be any of the following:

  • Writing website content
  • Writing email newsletters
  • Writing social media post
  • Writing SEO rich articles 


Even though, we're discussing how to make money without a website, building a site out these days isn't that hard with WordPress.

It's definitely a better way to go because you remain in control, are able to build a hub that you can direct all your visitors back to, retarget them, and build out multiple affiliate campaigns if you choose. 

You can see the full tutorial where I show you how to pull this off here

Then, you need to take this to the next level with my advanced Affiliate Marketing training program that you can find more details here

Lastly, in each one of the scenarios, you'll need to be able to create content. 

One of the tools we use to create massive amounts of content is a software called Jarvis AI, a web based application that allows you to crank out human readable content that passes Copyscape. 

You can see the full review I did here

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