GotoWebinar Review And Tutorial

If you're running any kind of digital marketing business, then chances are you're aware of the power of using webinar marketing. 

There's no other platform or method allows you to speak directly to your audience all at once without leaving your home or getting dressed up. 

GotoWebinar has been around longer than any of the other webinar software platforms and is a reliable software. 

We can't knock it because we've used it in the past and as I've said, it's super reliable, however, there's a comparable service that's much more affordable called Webinarjam

What's the big deal behind Gotowebinar Pricing in [y]?

That's the biggest knock we have for GotoWebinar is the expense. 

There's 3 plans available  - the Starter, Pro, and Plus. 

Here's the breakdown for each plan and we highlighted the biggest differences. 

Starter Plan

$89 Per Month
(Paid Annually)

Pro Plan
$199 Per Month
(Paid Annually)

Plus Plan
$429 Per Month
(Paid Annually)

  • 100 Attendees
  • 1 Channel  Page for GoToStage
  • Online and Local Recording
  • 500 Attendees
  • 3 Channel Pages for GoToStage 
  • Online and Local Recording
  • Custom URL
  • On Demand Webinars with Recorded Events
  • 3000 Attendees
  • 5 Channel Pages for GotoStage
  • Online and Local Recording
  • Custom URL
  • On Demand Webinars with Recorded Events

As you can see from the chart above from, the biggest difference in the pricing options is the attendees with the Pro and Plus plan offering a few more benefits and features but the biggest difference is the attendees and price of the plans. 

All of their plans are billed annually and you can do a trial with the 100 attendees for 7 days. 

Which is a big turnoff for many small businesses and those looking to just get started with their webinar campaigns especially when you compare it to the more favorable pricing model, the No Attendee limit, and with the special Webinarjam Trial and Pricing

What we like

We love the reliability from Gotowebinar along with their reporting. 

We can choose to get a report based on attendees, performance and valuable insights on attendee interaction. 

Also, it's easy to record your webinars directly to your computer and will render as soon as your webinar is over. 

While Gotowebinar has added the feature to do webinars on demand and while this doesn't give you the full capability like some other platforms, it's still a nice touch. 

In closing, we recommend using Webinarjam and start with the $1 60 Day Trial that rebills at $479 per year.  That breaks down to $39 per month which is a huge savings plus it has no attendee limitations either.  

To get started, click the link below to see if they're still offering the 60 Day Trial and pricing option for only $1. 

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