Generatepress Review – Is this the Best WordPress Theme?

Generatepress Quick Rundown

Based on our test, ease of use, and pricing model, Generatepress is the top rated WordPress theme on the market with amazing speeds and great looking designs. 

Inside this Generatepress review, we'll show you all the pros and cons of the popular WordPress theme, the pro plugin and also give you a behind the scenes tour. 

Do I recommend?

YES! This is the theme I'm current using here on the ThinkTankLab site. 

If you're ready to test it out, you can do so by clicking here to get started

Or read on and I'll explain everything inside this review.

For starters, about two months ago of writing this review, I made the switch and this ThinkTankLab site along with several other sites I run are all currently running on Generatepress. 

In other words, I bought it and I'm a happy user that plans to continue building out my sites with this theme. 

See the Demo

What is Generatepress?

Generatepress is a popular theme on the WordPress platform that allows you to build your site with a solid foundation with the primary focus on speed. 

If you're thinking of building a site and debating on what platform to go with, then you should begin with WordPress. 

WordPress is an SEO magnet and blows everything else away. 

However, you've got to have the proper setup, with Themes and Plugins to get the most from your site. 

And that's where Generatepress comes into play. 

It allows you to build great looking sites without sacrificing site speed.

They even includes a site library for you to install ready built sites where all you have to do is switch the text and images out.

It's Easy to Make Modifications

Many of the themes, we've tested over the years not only bog down your servers resources but often you'll find very complex builders where you need to know CSS or HTML to make modifications. 

Generatepress makes it very simple. 

You have 3 areas of focus: 

  1. 1
    First is the theme dashboard
  2. 2
    Second is the customization of the theme
  3. 3
    Third is customizing your individual posts and pages

Generateblocks - Customizations Within Your Post and Pages

Instead of using a drag and drop editor, you'll install a plugin called Generateblocks. 

Generateblocks is a free plugin that interacts with Generatepress so you can have complete customization over your posts and pages, being able to have full width containers, tables, buttons, and more customizations than within the regular WordPress editor. 

See how it's done inside this Generateblocks review video I recently shot. 

What is the main reason I switched to the Generatepress Theme?

The sole reason I even looked at this WordPress theme to begin with was speed. 

The goal was to find something that was lighter and would load faster which is the only reason I gave Generatepress theme a try. 

In addition I began seeing multiple sites in many different niches using the same theme set. 

At that point I had to give it a go. 

Once I got it all installed, it's by far the easiest theme I've ever worked with. 

Generatepress Review and Demo

Take a look at how it all works in the video review I did below

How much does Generatepress cost?

There are 2 versions of the theme - Free and Premium. 

Let's compare Generatepress Free Version vs Pro Version. 

The Premium version is only $59 per year or a one time investment of $249 and comes packed with the features you see below.

FREE Version

  • Lightweight theme 100% Free

Premium (comes with the following additional modules)

  • Site Library with one click install
  • Background Modules
  • Copyright Module
  • Color Module for taking over all the colors on the theme
  • Typography so you can customize your fonts
  • Elements with built in hooks 
  • Woo Commerce
  • Menu Plus allowing you to use sticky navigation and more
  • Sections for page builders (see demo above)
  • Import - Export Functionality

Generatepress Conclusion

I believe Generatepress is the the best WordPress Theme on the market. 

I found the pricing favorable, fast loading times and it's super easy to use. 

After you get it setup and running you can take it to the next level and pair it with WP Rocket like I have

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