How to Create An Evergreen Webinar Guide

If you've followed along the blog, you know we are a huge advocate for using webinars as part of your marketing strategy. 

In this post, I'll show you how to create an evergreen webinar that allows you to scale your digital marketing business. 

Going evergreen has been a fan favorite because it allows you to continue to run the webinar without having to physically be live on the call without sacrificing the live webinar feel.

Chances are good if you've been on any webinar in the last couple of years, then you've probably experienced an Evergreen webinar as more and more are utilizing these systems.

After a large number popular influencers and famous digital marketers (from the likes of Amy Porterfield, Sam Ovens, and Frank Kern) webinars, especially evergreen aren't going anywhere. 

So, let's get started on how you can begin utilizing this powerful technique for your own business. 

Who Am I? 

My name is Derek Pierce and I've personally conducted hundreds of webinars, sold millions of dollars in digital courses, training, and affiliate products. 

Using evergreen webinars is one of the methods we use to bring people on the front end of our marketing funnels.

In this post, I'll explain what I've found to be helpful in setting up your first evergreen campaign. 

What Is An Evergreen Webinar?

Sounds fancy but it's nothing more than a webinar that runs all the time. 

Instead of having a set date that's conducted one time, an evergreen webinar can be set daily, weekly, or can even be setup every 15 minutes. 

The choice is yours and depending on where you're driving traffic from.

For example, if you're sending traffic from paid ads like Facebook or Youtube, a just in time webinar is where I'd start with.

I'll explain what a Just In Time is here in just moment.

If you're planning to send traffic from your email campaign to your evergreen webinar, then I'd suggest scheduling it a couple of days in advance. 

In this case, you could setup your webinar to occur every Tuesday at 8PM. 

Then, when someone opts in to your autoresponder you can begin sending emails on Sunday warming up your audience to signup for Tuesday's webinar. 

Again, all of these are options you can easily setup with a number of evergreen software products. 

What is Just In Time and How do I Use It?

Just in Time webinars have exploded with more and more marketers turning to the Just In Time or JIT feature. 

This allows you to continuously have a webinar running all the time which allows your visitors the ability to signup for the webinar training and consume your presentation right away instead of having to wait for hours or days. 

We are a society that wants what we want right away and if you have someone that's landed on your registration page from an ad, I would highly recommend utilizing a Just In Time Feature. 

How to Utilize a Countdown Timer To Increase Conversions

We all know the power of countdown timers to increase urgency. 

Countdown timers make people take action when nothing else will. 

Instead of just placing these countdowns on your sales offers, include these countdowns on your webinar landing pages to boost your optin rates. 

A lot will depend on the webinar software you're using. 

What is the Best Evergreen Webinar Software? 

There are a lot of quality Evergreen products on the market and we've tested the majority of the platforms on the market which brings me to my list of our top rated Evergreen Webinar softwares. 

Our # 1 Pick

EverWebinar is a our # 1 pick for building Evergreen webinars.   If you want to see the full review you can do so here.


  • User Interface that's Easy to Use
  • Very Reliable Platform
  • Large Selection of Templates
  • API Integration
  • Great support team
  • Very favorable pricing


  • Not a fan of their Optin Forms and lack of customization
  • Unable to redirect to a custom Thank You Page. 

How Do I run A Just In Time Webinar Inside Everwebinar?

It's really simple actually. 

Under the webinar schedules inside Everwebinar, you'll see an item titled Enable Just In Time Option. 

Enable, then select the next available session - :15, :30, :45, :00 minutes. 

Plus you can even hide the night time schedules if you'd prefer. 

This is the simplest method to create an evergreen webinar with the just in time feature enabled. 

Once you're done, you'll see a countdown timer on the registration page counting down the time till the next session. 

This adds a layer of urgency on the front of your sales funnel by having a countdown on the page in an effort to boost your number of optins. 

How to Make Evergreen Webinars Work 

Here's the areas we look at...

The 3 Phases to a Profitable Evergreen Webinar

  1. 1
    The Pre-Webinar State
  2. 2
    The Live Room
  3. 3
    Post-Webinar State
The Pre-Webinar state 

This is what you use to build up from the webinar. 

In the event that you are using Just In Time, this will be predominately done on the Thank You Page. 

But we'll still include emails to help the attendee on how to get the most from the webinar and what to expect. 

On my Thank You page, here's how I break it all down 

  • Congratulate on deciding to (whatever your teaching them).   
  • Here's what you will learn.  (Get them excited with bullet points of what the benefits are for them) 
  • How to get the most from this training. Here I'll let them know the experience will be better on a computer instead of a mobile device.  Mobile doesn't have the same webinar feel. 
  • Give them a bonus for showing up. 

I'll include very similar elements inside my email.  

The main point here is get them so damn excited they wouldn't dare miss the webinar for anything. 

The Live Room

This has to do with your presentation and your webinar pitch. 

You want to be sure that you use the webinar to sell. 

You'll be sadly disappointed if you think you can teach it all and give all your good stuff away and expect people to buy. 

It doesn't happen that way. 

So don't be afraid to pitch your offer and create something irresistible where your attendees and customers will get real value from.  

Post Webinar State

This includes your followup email marketing campaign to those that have signed up for your training. 

Typically, we will include a link to the replay plus 3 emails with additional content using a different angle, and then begin the countdown or deadline sequence. 

The deadline email sequences will be anywhere from 48-72 hours with the webinar as well as the offer we made on the webinar expiring. 

Final Wrap-up 

Once we have 100 or more attendees to our webinar, we're able to pull the reports inside the Everwebinar dashboard to see how many actually saw our presentation. 

We'll look at our stats not only to the webinar, but also the phases before the webinar which include our ad, the copy, and our landing page to see if we can boost any of those numbers. 

Then we look at the stats for our emails to see how many actually saw the replay to make modifications to our system from the 3 phases above. 

Creating evergreen webinars isn't hard if you have the right software.  

We've tested most of the webinar products on the market and Everwebinar is our favorite tool on the market by far. 

You can get started for only $1 for a full 60 day trial. 

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