Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

How to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

If I look back early on when I started my digital business, I had no clue how to code anything. 

There were no drag and drop editors. 

No fancy, pants shopping carts, funnel builders, or even WordPress themes. 

It was Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage and the process would look a little something like this. 

You'd make changes inside Dreamweaver. 

Save it. 

Then FTP the changes. 

Refresh the site. 

If it didn't look the way you wanted then you'd continue this process. 

Now, it's different. 

You can not only get started without having to have a product, but you can also get started without having to build a website. 

How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website or Blog

Inside, this new video, I explain exactly how you can pull this off using a free resources provided by Google called Google Sites. 

Plus, I even show you some results at the end of the video of an affiliate campaign and how we used these. 

While, I would recommend building out your website for the long haul, because I believe you should try to own everything you can and instead just leverage these tools to your advantage. 

Here's the process to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing Without a Website or Blog

Step # 1: Find the right offer to promote. 

What are you looking to promote?  For me I'd prefer higher ticket or products that I can make money from the recurring side. 

Step # 2: Select the right keywords

This is so critical to the overall process. 

Instead of going after broad terms, you'll want to target buyer intent traffic.  See more details here in this blog post on Keyword Intent.

Step # 2: Build out the Google Site or use a Youtube video 

Focus on the onpage factors surrounding your keyword. 

Use Answer the Public tool, Google's Keyword Tool, Google Autosuggest, and to come up with a good list of questions. 

I typically begin with the following ideas. 

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When? 
  • Where?
  • How?
  • Why?
  • What to do next? (this is your call to action) 

Step # 3 - Enter the promotional phase. 

You've got to be willing to push these properties in your promotional phase. 

For me, I step up my link building efforts when it's toward a Google site or a Youtube video. 

The best thing to do with these Google Sites and Youtube videos is to follow the guidelines on how to set everything up. 

Then run multiple test using your favorite link building tools on the market. 

In closing, if you liked this video and tutorial, then consider grabbing my training program that's designed to get you hip on taking these types of strategies to the next level. 

Watch the training video and I'll show you how we're putting it all together and if it makes sense, I'd love to see you on the inside. 

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