Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Groups

Inside this guide, we'll give you a detailed account on how to make money with Facebook Groups using affiliate marketing. 

You'll see strategies for gaining a following, building up your email list all from using Groups and the best part is you'll see how to do this without starting your own group. 

I'll show you how it's done. 

The Worst Affiliate Marketing Strategy of All Time

Often marketers will try to ruin something that's good.  

The case in point is this strategy that I personally feel is the worst affiliate or sales strategy of all time. 

I explain it all inside this video. 

In a nutshell, it's all about the idea that you can join a bunch of groups, then post spammy comments or worse, follow up with the group's members through private messages. 

Back in the day, I was running a small Facebook Group of about 1200 people called Derek Pierce's Fight Club. 

The great part about this group was everyone was a buyer and this was a bonus to the product I was selling. 

So, there wasn't a lot of lookies, instead it was qualified people that had invested in a program. 

That's when some members thought it was a good idea to promote their products and services through the post. 

They'd jump from group to group posting the same thing.

This isn't how to do affiliate marketing with Facebook Groups. 

In most cases, it all turns out the same. 

The admins boot the party from the group before there's even any traction and you piss off the other members.

In other words, you just make a bunch of people angry and it's very unlikely you'll sell anything as it comes across like you're just trying to hock anything in order to get a commission. 

Instead there's better ways, as we'll explore in this post. 

Selling to Your Other People's Facebook Groups

Yes - it can be done but you must follow certain guidelines as you'll see throughout this guide.

First of all, you don't need your own Facebook Group to make this happen.

However, there needs to be mindset shift before you dig in.

Instead of thinking of the group as a money grab, it's more about community and more importantly you contributing to it. 

It's all about building people up, helping others out, giving advice without expecting anything in return. 

If you approach it from that angle instead of thinking "I'm going to make this group my own personal piggy bank" you'll be miles ahead. 

Think of it like you're making regular deposits into the bank of good will and others will see that then pop over to your profile where you can do more selling if you'd like. 

Step # 1: Customize Your Profile

First, you want to customize your personal Facebook profile to match the groups you're targeting. 

For example, if you're targeting business professionals, don't have shirtless ab picks or butts on display. 

If you're all about targeting the digital nomad with lifestyle and freedom, then don't be too stiff in your pics. 

Target it and tailer to your audience of who you're wanting to sell to. 

Profile pictures and banner images should reflect what you're portraying and selling and customize your profile to display the links in your bio to your sites and core offer. 

Step # 2: Locate the Groups

You can do this by simply doing a search inside Facebook using your primary keywords inside the search bar, then clicking Groups as you see below. 

You can also filter based on City and Public Groups, but unless your focus is local, I'd leave these unchecked. 

Most of what you'll find here are public groups that are free to join. 

While these are a great way to get started, there's a better option. 

A Better Option?

Many of the products and services that you're currently buying and investing in have Facebook Groups that are strictly for their existing customers. 

For example, Jasper AI as well as Surfer SEO, both have pretty active groups that are geared to those that have spent money with them. 

This is huge.

The reason why this is big revolves around the quality of the leads. 

Anytime you have a lead that's spent money, they're a higher quality than those that optin for a free cheat sheet. 

Most course creators know this but it's rarely said. 

That's how guys that have small list are often able to get on leaderboard after leaderboard. 

Their list is composed of nothing but buyer leads

It's one of the reasons low ticket works so well for so many people - it weeds out the tire kickers. 

But instead of having to create a product, you're able to tap into these Facebook groups that are composed primarily of buyers. 

Next, Join the Groups That Fit Your Niche

Do more than become a member though. 

Instead become something that the admins can't live without. 

Work to be a staple in that community. 

How does this happen?

  • Answering questions
  • Helping out 
  • Giving out tips 

Often people are coming to these groups to get simple questions answered or asking advice on how to work the software. 

If you're contributing by helping first with no expectations, it will be noticed. 

Keep in mind the law of reciprocity

Instead of having the Group admins trying to ban you from the group, they'll be endorsing you. 

It's a game changer. 

Now, we're working under the assumption that you know what you're talking about and actually give solid advice. 

Contribute regularly and monitor the conversations that are happening across all the groups.

Never drop a link to your affiliate program unless they ask you to (which probably will never happen). 

Step # 4: Take note of popular questions in the various groups

If you've joined several groups, you'll notice the same type of questions keep getting asked over and over again. 

If you notice the same type of questions appearing, then it's time to make a video. 

This is where this strategy gets good. 

For starters you'll want to create a Facebook Fan Page for your business - we're not talking about your personal profile.

It can be for your personal brand or business, like the one I have here.  

But it has to be a Fan Page for what we're going to be pulling off. 

Step # 5: Make videos of the popular questions

Now, you'll make the videos of the popular topics and questions that people have in the Facebook groups from your research. 

Don't make videos of very specific questions like - "where can I find the bonus" or "where is the login" 

Instead, make the videos more "how to" in nature. 

Also, these videos are NOT pitch videos.  

In other words, you're not trying to hard sell.  Instead it's very content rich, how to information. 

It's also worth noting that you want to build up the group and the product that it represents. 

For example, if we were posting in the Jasper group, I'd be singing Jasper's praises.  

I'd never bash or talk about a competitor.  

Build up the group and build up the community. 

Your goal is to gain a following inside these groups by providing good will and then we'll retarget those people that watched your video with your money magent. 

For example, one of the common themes in the Jasper AI group is people asking how to write SEO friendly articles with Jasper. 

In that case, I'd create a template for SEO friendly articles and how to use Jasper to pull it off. 

(On a side note, that same video can then be used to upload to Youtube to make affiliate sales.  If you don't know how that's done, then you need to be inside my SOAR formula program where I show you how to leverage all of these different assets.  Click here to watch the training and see if it's a fit. ) 

But for this instance, we're going to be uploading the video to our Facebook Fan Page you've set up. 

Before you upload though, you'll need to follow this important next step. 

Step # 6: Before you Publish Your Videos, Be Sure to Setup An Ad Account with a Retargeting Audience

You don't have to spend any money yet. 

Just setup your ad account inside Facebook for it to be ready when you do. 

Again, you don't need to create ads just setup the ad account so we can create the custom audience. 

Next, you're going to create a custom audience. 

This custom audience is going to be targeted to anyone that watches your videos. 

Your screen may look a tad different if you've just setup your ad account, but here's how it goes. 

First, you'll click on the All Tools Tab as shown below. 

You will see a variety of options, but we're looking for the Audiences Tab. 

Once you click that, you'll see a screen that gives you an option to Create An Audience. 

Check the box under Facebook Sources for Video as you see above. 

Give your audience a name and description and you're off to the races. 

Next, you'll choose how to retarget the videos based on the Engagement. 

As you can see you can retarget based on how long they watched your video for. 

You can even get super specific about which video they watch and have audiences based on specific videos. 

But that's something for another time. 

Now, it's time to finally publish your video. 

Step # 7: Publish Your Video To Your Fan Page

Again, we're not talking about publishing to your personal profile, but your Fan Page. 

You can and I'd advise sharing your video on your personal profile but be sure you're uploading it to your Fan Page. 

Once you upload your video, you'll want to grab the url of the video as shown below.

Copy that url and this is what you're going to be sharing inside the Facebook Groups you're apart of. 

Go to your group that you're wanting to post the video to. 

You'll start by creating a standard post with some text then a link to your video. 

The post can be something like this... 

"I created a guide on how I'm building out SEO friendly blog post using Jasper and shot a quick video on how to pull it off including the framework to help make your content creation 10x's faster. 

You can find it here - then link to your Facebook Video."  

See, how I did this below: 

Now, once that post gets published, you're video will be displayed in the newsfeed for the group and can be watched from your post.

If you've done your job so far, this post is going to be well received not only among the admins but also the members. 

Now, you may be wondering. 

"Ok, Derek, it all sounds good but how do I make money with this? 

You've just had me making a bunch of videos for other people!"

I'll explain in just a moment. 

Here's the thing you need to realize right now. 

First, you'll get views from your own Facebook Fan Page and profile pages.

People that are interested are going to watch. 

If I publish a video on affiliate marketing and all my friends are affiliate marketers and they watch. 

That's my targeted audience. 

Secondly, you'll post these in a group when it makes sense. 

Again, I can't stress it enough. 

Be sure the videos and content you publish are beneficial to the group and have NO hint of monetization. 

You're building up good will by publishing good shit. 

Third, these videos can be used in multiple groups and once they're published, they can keep working for you for months to come. 

Now, let's dive into how we make money from this and how we build our list using this technique. 

How to Monetize Using Other People's Facebook Groups

To start with you'll be a recognized member in the community which is going to get you traffic immediately. 

People will be checking out your Facebook profile and Fan Pages along with the stuff you're promoting. 

I've seen an instant increase in traffic once I start commenting, sharing, and making myself more available to these groups. 

There's something else that's going to allow you to target these members with ads that we did in one of the previous steps.  

Remember before we published our videos, that we set up an Ad account and created a custom retargeting audience? 

All of the people that have watched your video are now going to be able to be targeted with ads. 

We can then set up a simple ad campaign for anyone that's watched your videos. 

This means you can... 

  • Create a money magnet and bribe for opting in
  • Offer a webinar training
  • Cheat Sheets or PDF's
  • Send them to a landing page, a low ticket offer, or an affiliate offer of some kind. 


Bottom line is get them on your list so you can start promoting to them and when you run a new promotion, you'll have an instant built in audience you can run ads to as well. 

The possibilities are endless and I hope you see the power in using this "little to no cost" strategy to be able to start generating leads and making money as an affiliate while building a following and a list. 

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