Discover How to Build a Profitable Digital Business

Inside, I'll show you how to build a profitable digital marketing business that drives you more quality traffic, leads, and sales. 

Derek Pierce

Inside, I'll show you first hand what's working now cutting out all the guesswork. 

New Here?

By getting on the inside, you'll see the steps to start on the right track...  

Launch Your Site

Launch your site and build profitable digital marketing campaigns that you can use for high ticket commissions or recurring revenue. 

Get More Traffic

See how to not only generate traffic, but how to get laser targeted traffic that will actually convert, building your brand. 

Grow Your Business

Leverage your business into repeatable systems that can be run on autopilot while you focus on the things that are most important. 

How it all started... 

When you trace back to the first win I had in the digital marketing world, it came as a huge surprise - I sold a house.

It was at that point the lightbulb went off and I realized I had to abandon my existing business, going all in with digital marketing.

Along the way, I manage to screw up a lot, follow wrong, outdated advice.

The one thing I did that resulted in one of the life-changing moments was starting a blog, then using that blog for affiliate marketing. 

Since, then I've dove head first into the digital marketing world and that's why I started Think Tank Lab to begin with.

I want to help you build your ideal business, giving you the tools, strategies, and resources to skip the guesswork along with all the bumps and bruises.

Let's Face The Facts...

There's a lot of bad advice floating around from one ad after another.

Promising the dream of passive income, less work, and push button riches, but instead leave you more frustrated, confused, and wondering what to do next.

Often, you'll hear that you should just focus on your content creation and it'll take care of itself eventually.

However, we both know how that ends.

Your perfect piece of content goes nowhere and all the hopes of making affiliate commissions and selling your own products and services seem like nothing more than a pipe dream.

There is good news in all of this.

There are new strategies that will actually get you results in 2023

That's why I began Think Tank Lab.

Some of my our topic guides are as follows. 

Landing Page Builders

Now you can get leads without the need for complicated software platforms using these a landing page software. 

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Webinar Software

See the latest tools and software platforms to run highly profitable webinars that include both live and automated solutions. 

Read the full guide here

Email Marketing

Choose from the top email marketing platforms you can grow with for your goals and outlook along with the best deliverability.

Read the full guide here


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