The 3 Most Important Elements For the Perfect Webinar

If you want to get more from your webinar marketing, then these 3 important strategies will help you earn more from your webinar system. 

For starters, let's break this up into 3 states for your webinar. 

First is the Pre-webinar state.

Secondly is the Live Webinar itself. 

Third and finally is Post Webinar State. 

Everything you do should be viewed in this 3 areas. 

So, let's begin. 

The Pre-Webinar State

This is before you hold your actual webinar. 

This applies if you're using a live webinar or an evergreen webinar. 

The pre-webinar state has several goals. 

  • Educate on what's about to take place.
  • Create an appetite for what you're about to share
  • Build a bond with the potential customer that gets them to know, like and trust you. 
  • Remind them of the time and set the stage. 

Your job is not to sell. 

Selling at this stage in the came is pre-mature and will hurt you more than help. 

This starts on the landing page of the webinar optin page which you can create and customize with software tools like Everwebinar, Thrive Themes, and Webinarjam.

Build the desire so they wouldn't dare miss it for the world. 

This also, boils down to create a follow up email campaign before the webinar even hits. 

In most webinar platforms (including the ones we recommend Webinarjam and Everwebinar) you can create multiple emails reminding them off the webinar. 

In our own business, we tend to run an email the day before, the hour before, and a last minute at 15 minutes before. 

A lot of people believe they just need to drive traffic but the reality is - We've Got To Get Them To the Webinar! 

Otherwise, it's pointless. 

That's why I recommend sending multiple reminder emails prior to the webinar as well as multiple touch points if your software allows it.

Here you can see in Everwebinar and Webinarjam, we're able to integrate our Twilio account to send out text message reminders.  

Once we get past the pre-webinar state, it's time for our webinar.

The Webinar Presentation

So, you've not everything in the pre-webinar state, now it's time to press the Start Presentation button and kick off your webinar. 

If you're using an automated webinar software like Everwebinar, it will automatically do this for you. 

But this is what you're saying on the webinar. 

What you see is important, however how you say it is just as important with tonality and pace will show viewers how knowledgeable and how passionate you are about the product you're selling.

Which brings me to my point. 

You must be convinced about what you're selling, otherwise your viewers will see right through you. 

Our webinar slides follow into the following format.

  • The Intro (tell them about what they'll learn)
  • The Trust Factor (explain why they should listen to you and any accomplishments)
  • The Problem (You'll explain what the problem is and hint at the solution)
  • The Content.This is where you'll give them good actionable content they can apply after the call.
  • Product Introduction. This is the first time you've mentioned your product.
  • The First Mini Close. We roll a soft close to begin then we'll move forward to stack the offer.
  • The Bonuses.  The bonuses always are equal to or exceed the value of the entire course. 
  • The Guarantee. Here's where you'll introduce your guarantee.  Typical guarantees are 30-60 days. 
  • Testimonials. Gather your best testimonials from people from different backgrounds, different scenarios in an effort to create a connection with your broad audience. 
  • Final Close

When you follow the first 2 steps, you'll see sales once you go live. 

And when we add the 3rd element, that's when you'll see the majority of your sales come through. 

Post Webinar State

This is where you'll follow up with your leads. 

Now, here's where this gets really good. 

If you're using Webinarjam or Everwebinar, you can set up advanced tracking that will tag your favorite autoresponder service and let them know if the user left early, didn't show, or watched the full webinar. 

That means you can have a different followup based on the user's actions. 

We have a webinar follow up that's tailor made if someone skips out early vs those that watched the webinar and saw the offer. 

Your final push should include some type of scarcity. 

The scarcity can include...

  • Bonuses
  • Special Pricing
  • Limited Replay of the Webinar
  • Expiration of the offer all together
  • Or All of the above

The bottom line is nothing creates urgency quite like a countdown timer. 

Make your emails coordinate with your offer and your countdown and you'll see sales skyrocket the final push. 

These 3 elements come after years of struggling with webinars and what I've found to be the most helpful. 

If you're not using webinars, I'd begin right away as there's nothing else on the market that trumps having a kick ass webinar. 

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