Magic Submitter is software for Search Engine Optimization that helps users to syndicate their content along the web in an effort to gain more backlinks pointing at your site in an effort to improve rankings.

We all here are on different levels, so let me explain what a backlink actually is.

A backlink is when you have an article or blog post that contains a link to your web site.

These links will help to improve your website authority in the eyes of the Search Engines as well as increasing traffic giving you more eyeballs to your offers.

Where Magic really comes into play is that the software automates the process. You can do these same task manually, however you will not see the results you would hope to because when you do this manually – it takes too long…

And with this software, you could conduct the same amount of work of 10 virtual assistants.  It’s that powerful.

Who Created Magic Submitter??

The creator behind the software is Alexander Krulik who’s been developing software for over 15 years and created numerous platforms that help SEO professionals to become more efficient and give them the needed edge in the marketplace.

Exactly Who can Use the Software?

Magic Submitter is for anyone looking to improve the results in the search engines.  This works for those that have Youtube videos they would like to see get more traffic, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as their websites.

Magic comes with pre-built templates that allow you to add your website, then add the content, and set the scheduler to drive links to your variety of websites over the scheduled time allocated.

Is this For You? Who Should Use This?

First of all, Google is the 800lb Gorilla when it comes to search.

Over 90% of all traffic begins with a search engine, and Google has over 70% of the market share when it comes to searches.

So needless to say – Google is the 800lb Gorilla for search engines.

And your goal should be to go where there’s more eyeballs – which is Google.

And the way to rank in Google revolves around a variety of factors.


These factors are broken down into 2 groups

  1. On Page Factors
  2. Off Page Factors

Currently, Google places more weight on the Off Page factors which are your backlinks as we discussed earlier.

It’s not just about having large numbers of backlinks either, it’s about having quality backlinks.

Google gives each page a Page Rank score from 1-10, the higher the Page Rank, the more authority the site has in the eyes of Google.

And that’s what makes Magic Submitter so powerful – the system allows you to drive backlinks from high quality sites using complete automation.

Does Linking In Tiers or Using A Buffer Strategy Still Work?

The great part about this is – you can build links in using a Buffer linking structure.  Hitting your money site with all of your links is too much and will be ineffective.

In other words, the first tier will link to your money site acting as a buffer. (Your money site is the site you’re working to get ranked)

So, the software will build links to those links – and then will deliver reports to you of the successful posts it’s made.

It’s like having your own robot do all of the work for you – and all you have to do is invest 15 minutes to setup your campaign.

Magic Submitter will create profile accounts across numerous platforms including

  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Blog sites
  • Forums
  • Press Release Sites
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Web Directories
  • Guest books
  • Micro-blogging sites
  • And more.

In addition, Magic will integrate with several captcha solving services (these will break the captchas so you don't have to enter captchas manually), as well as allows you to include proxies to keep your account creation and posting from multiple ip addresses.

It comes pre-built with hundreds of sites and you can use the account creation tool to create accounts across all of these platforms in minutes as shown below.


How long would this process take if you did this manually?

If you were doing this manually – it would take days.

Next, once you have your accounts created, it’s time to go to the Campaign Wizard. This is where you decide how you want the links to be dispersed and can implement the buffer or tiered linking strategy as I discussed earlier.

There are several different campaign templates that you have to work with or you can create your own custom template.

I recommend using your own template in order to avoid any footprints which will help your success.

Before we get to the campaign template, we must fill in some details about our site as you can see in the image below.


We need to fill in our keywords, titles, website urls and how long we’d like the campaign to run for.

Personally, I prefer 10-14 days as you don’t want to build too many links to fast.  It’s important they’re dripped out over time.

Now you can use Magic to submit not just your website url, but also Youtube, Facebook fan pages, and other social networks as well.

Next – we pick the campaign template..  Again this is what I love about this software the most because I can create safe linking structures or I can be more aggressive.  It's all in how you choose to use the software.

You can see what I mean in the screenshot below.

magic-submitter-campaign-templateAgain, there's several of these templates for you to pick from.

Now, next it's time we add our content.

Now onto the next step, this is where you’ll add your content for distributing out to the different sites that you’ve recently created accounts on.


Your content needs to be highly spun.  However, I would not recommend writing and spinning it myself, instead I would use something like Kontent Machine to create high quality content.  It’s much cheaper than writing the content yourself or hiring someone to write content for you – and it passes copyscape. 🙂

Next, this is where you finalize your campaign and set it to start running.

Magic Submitter will now run without you having to manually do anything.

Once your campaign is set, track your progress and where your sites are in the search results pages.  In some instances you’ll need to follow up with another campaign.  Once you’re campaign is running, you can always see the links the software has built for you by opening the link manager as shown in the picture below.

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Since you’re reading this, take action today using my link here and you’ll receive 3 over the shoulder videos where I reveal exactly how to use Magic Submitter.

These are super in-depth and will show you everything you need to start dominating the search results using this powerful software.

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Since first conducting this review, there have been many changes in the SEO world.

While Magic Submitter was ahead of the game back in the day, there have been new tools and software we recommend today.

Grab my course to see how we recommend driving traffic today