The Source Code to Business Success Review and Bonus

thesourcecodetosuccessSo by now you’ve heard Dan Kennedy is launching the Source Code to Success

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Who Is Dan Kennedy?

Hailed as the Millionaire Maker and one of the top marketing consultants on the internet, Dan is the founder of GKIC and has made a name for himself for being able to cut through all the BS, the fluff and give you the strategies and tactics to stand out in a crowded market, and be able to build a herd of customers.

If you’re tired of the status quo, then listen to Dan.

And when you have the opportunity to learn from him – take it!

What is the Source Code to Business Success?

This is Dan’s latest launch along with Dave Dee, another marketing genius.

As I said earlier, the training is still in pre-launch phase. Once it goes live our team will review the product where you can see everything you’re getting before you invest in the program.

Plus, we’ll be providing…

The Source Code to Business Success Ultimate Bonus Package

These bonuses are no bs just like Dan.

For starters, my name is Derek Pierce.  You can read more about me here.

Before I began marketing online, I had a local business that I’d taken over.

When I started, the business was in shambles.

The previous owner was bouncing payroll checks, the rent was several months past due, and in addition they were behind on their mortgage.

They wanted out.

I took this on as an experiment and using Dan’s strategies that I learned from his newsletters, courses, and books turned the business around in less than 90 days where it was cash flow positive.

We ran this for 9 years before selling the business so I could go full time marketing online.

So, I know what it’s like to use these techniques for local businesses as well as implementing into an online strategy.

Now, enough about me and the back story, let’s get on with what you’re getting once you order through my link.

They’re not shiny objects but real strategies that will help you get the most out of the program.

Bonus # 1: (2) 1 on 1 Private Coaching Calls – Value : $2,000.00

For starters, you’re not alone because I’m going to give you 2 one on one, 1 hour, coaching calls to help you get clear with your goals, and set an action plan for your business.

My time is very valuable, these are normally $1000 per hour with a 2 hour booking minimum

Again, I can help you regardless if you’re using this for an online or offline strategy.


Bonus # 2: Super Affiliate Strategies Class: Value $997.00

This is a recent workshop I held where I reveal the exact steps to creating a 6 figure business online from Affiliate Marketing.

You’ll see how to create a thriving business, using SEO, retargeting, and list building all to drive more traffic, get more affiliate commissions.

If you’re looking to start making money from online marketing or ready to take your online business to the next step, then this training is for you.  This training is no longer even available to the general public, but the price tag is $997 when we do roll it out.

Bonus # 3: Page One Reloaded Plugin: Value $997

This is the foundation for creating a SEO friendly website using WordPress.

In 3 simple steps, this will make all the tweaks, optimize the settings and will build out your pages to get ranked in the Search Results.

Bonus # 4: Live Group Coaching Call: Value $499

I’ll be holding a live group coaching call that outlines the 4 steps I took when I took over a struggling, failing local business and turning it into a positive cash flow without me even being there.

The truth is I’d never even been in this type of business – but was able to apply simple strategies for turning it all around inside of 90 days.  You’ll see how I negotiated the deals, boosted the employee moral, and the first steps I took to boost sales, generate new customers and reactivate old ones.

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